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Building Brand: How Pope House Design Transformed Stone Mountain Midwife’s Online Presence

They say you should market the problem you solve…not the thing you do to solve that problem. Sell the result not the how you get there.

So what does that look like for Pope House Design?

Let’s look at Gayle, Stone Mountain Midwife…An incredible CPM (certified professional midwife) who specializes in supporting families in autonomous home birth.

She was on the brink of expanding into her purpose, leading her own home birth practice as she had moved to Maine where it is legal to practice independently as a CPM.

When we started working together, I remember Gayle expressing the inner turmoil she was feeling when she looked at her social media feed and her website at the time.

It just didn’t feel like her at all. The website was “too square” and her instagram of course had years of her journey on display like a time capsule that was always out in the open.

When I am co-creating a brand with a client…where their business is deeply personal—as is the case with midwifery…it is so important for the colors and visuals to feel like home.

The solution for Gayle consisted of creating an overarching theme where her website and social media graphics took on a deep in the forest / womb-like feel.

We went with a dark night navy blue as the background for all of her image-posts and text graphics. Not only did this simplify content creation, it made everything match.

People like to talk about how nobody cares about pretty feeds and they don’t improve lead generation…BUT…when you create a cohesive and visually appealing brand, it can significantly impact how potential clients perceive you and your services.

By using a dark night navy blue as the background, Gayle's brand now exudes a sense of calmness and serenity, which aligns perfectly with the nature of her work as a midwife. This subtle yet powerful choice of color creates a visual connection to the peacefulness of the night, mirroring the tranquil environment that Gayle strives to create for her clients during home births.

Furthermore, the forest/womb-like theme adds depth and symbolism to Gayle's brand. Just as a forest represents growth, renewal, and interconnectedness, the womb symbolizes nurturing, protection, and the beginnings of life. By incorporating these elements into her brand, Gayle communicates her commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment for families during the transformative experience of childbirth.

Not only did the rebranding efforts enhance the visual appeal of Gayle's online presence, but they also helped her feel more connected to her brand. As a midwife, her work is deeply personal and intimate, and it is crucial for her brand to reflect her values and personality. The new website and social media graphics now authentically represent Gayle and her mission, creating a sense of familiarity and trust for potential clients.

In conclusion, marketing is not just about promoting the services you offer; it is about understanding the problem you solve and connecting with your audience on a deeper level. By creating a brand that resonates with her target audience and reflects the essence of her work, Gayle has positioned herself as a trusted and reliable resource for families seeking a personalized and empowering home birth experience.

To learn more about Gayle and her services please visit Stone Mountain Midwife

Or visit her page on Instagram

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