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What our clients say...

Sarah is one of those people who can do anything. She’s creative, practical, efficient, resourceful, and a modern day mastermind. She’s a Greek goddess (and if you saw my big fat Greek wedding then you know the Greeks are great at everything.) That’s Sarah. She’s great at whatever she touches. And thankfully for me, technology is just one of the areas she excels in. As someone who looks at a computer and it blows up, Sarah makes my life easier. She has created a beautiful website for me that needed no changes or adjustments. She just knew exactly what I was looking for and made it happen beautifully. She is easy to work with, smart, organized, and gives great pep talks. When I doubt my skills, my prices, and my worthiness she reminds me of my gifts and gives me new ways to see myself and my value. She’s also helped me come up with ways to better put myself out there on social media and organize my offerings that are user friendly. I highly recommend working with her if you want a visionary on your side. She’s the best! - Gina Morin,

I’ve come to a point in my career were my schedule is pretty full but with enough room to work with new clients on different levels. I really needed to get my message out what I can offer to people and connect with people on a level that’s healing. Sarah has a special gift. She’s able to convey a message and represent my company, that is beyond what I can do. She’s very eloquent with her words and knows exactly how to navigate a marketing system. I’m recommend her to other small business professional frequently. She’s very knowledgeable, and knows how to get things done and puts everything together in aesthetically pleasing ways. She’s able to capture a moment, convey a message in captivatingly eloquent ways, and I’m honored to have her as part of my team. It’s kind of an unspoken thing -successful people have a team of people “behind the scenes” that help them up that mountain of success. - June Stoddard Finemore Renew With June, Glens Falls NY

As a small business owner I had a few different people organizing my social media. Each leaving a disjointed connection in regard to setting up a shop. In ONE weekend Sarah was able to identify and resolve all my issues. We now have a shop on Instagram thankful to Sarah for her speedy service and knowledge. In the future our only place for troubleshooting will be using Pope House Design. ~Lori Sanicola-MacGarva Owner of Hamptons Aromatherapy

Sarah Did an awesome job of assisting me with getting my social channels set up. Her explainations were clear, making everything easy to grasp. Plus, she was consistently accessible, always ready to provide guidance and answer questions. I highly recommend her services. ~Mary Betsellie, Midwife

We start by tending the soil with strategic planning aligned with your goals. This means, listening, learning, and collaboratively crafting unique branding to fertilize your business growth.

Our aim? Weave your narrative into branding that illuminates your values and character, which enhances your connection with clients and nurtures lasting collaborations.

Impactful graphic design, compelling storytelling, and cohesive messaging across platforms cultivate an enthusiastic brand community.

We want to see your brand grow

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